Discover the Wonders of the Best Beaches in Ubatuba

Ubatuba, located on the north coast of São Paulo, is a true paradise for beach lovers. With more than 100 beaches spread along its coast, the city offers options for all tastes, from calm and peaceful beaches to beaches with perfect waves for surfing. In this article, we are going to explore some of the best beaches in Ubatuba, highlighting their unique characteristics and what they have to offer visitors.

Praia do Félix:

Starting off our list is the stunning Praia do Félix. Surrounded by lush vegetation of the Atlantic Forest, this beach enchants visitors with its untouched natural beauty. Crystal clear waters and white sand make Félix perfect for relaxing and swimming. In addition, the beach has some trails that lead to viewpoints with stunning views.

Praia de Itamambuca:

For surf lovers, Praia de Itamambuca is a true paradise. Known as one of the best surf spots in Brazil, this beach attracts surfers from all over the world. With its consistent waves and the presence of local and international championships, Itamambuca is the perfect place for practitioners of this sport. In addition, the beach has a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

Praia da Almada:

Praia da Almada is a true hidden treasure in Ubatuba. With limited access, this beach preserves its beauty and tranquility. Surrounded by mountains covered with Atlantic Forest, Almada offers a paradisiacal setting, with calm and crystalline waters. It is the ideal place to relax, have a picnic by the sea and enjoy nature in its purest form.

Praia Grande:

Considered one of the most popular beaches in Ubatuba, Praia Grande is known for its extensive stretch of golden sand and its rough waters. It is a perfect destination for those looking for excitement and various entertainment options. The beach has an excellent infrastructure, including kiosks, bars and restaurants by the sea. In addition, it is possible to practice sports such as racquetball, beach volleyball and soccer. 

Praia do Bonete:

If you are willing to explore a little more, Praia do Bonete is an excellent option. Accessible only by trail or boat, this beach is a true paradise haven. With its wild nature and stunning landscape, Bonete is perfect for lovers of ecotourism and tranquility. It is possible to camp on the beach and enjoy unique moments in the midst of nature.

Ubatuba offers an incredible variety of beaches, each with its own unique characteristics and charms. From calm and deserted beaches to beaches with perfect waves for surfing, there are options for all tastes. This article has only featured some of the best beaches in Ubatuba, but there is so much more to be explored in this fascinating city. So, grab your sunscreen, put on your bathing suit and get ready to discover the wonders of Ubatuba`s beaches.

Ubatuba Praia Hotel

O Ubatuba Praia Hotel fica situado na orla do Itaguá em Ubatuba de frente a praia.

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